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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Equal Time

Jane E. Herman, a BRCA2 mutation carrier, is the executive writer and editor at the Union for Reform Judaism. She also volunteers as an Outreach Coordinator for FORCE: Facing our Risk of Cancer Empowered in New York City and blogs regularly about her BRCA journey and other slices of her life at JanetheWriter Writes…

Earlier today, I promised my sister I wouldn't use social media to check in at the endoscopy center. And I didn't.

However, I did not promise her I wouldn't blog about my experience, but don't worry, I'll spare you the gory details.

Nonetheless, if I'm truly going to advocate for cancer detection and prevention, I can't do it just for this test; I have to do it for colonoscopies too. (As a BRCA2 mutation carrier, I am at increased risk of several types of cancer besides breast and ovarian. These include pancreatic and primary peritoneal cancer, as well as melanoma. Although some early studies suggested a possible link between BRCA mutations and increased risk of colon cancer, it has not been confirmed in subsequent studies.)

Read more about Jane's experience, and her colon cancer screening experience on her blog. 

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